Blessing Encounters

Blessing Encounters: Creating Family One Blessing at a Time by Paul Burns

Where two or more are gathered, the possibility of family exists. Whether related by blood or by affinity, families are born when people choose to bless one another by bringing good into each other’s lives. Presbyterian pastors Jim and Paul Burns, who are also father and son, believe we are all called to create family, not only in our homes and churches, but wherever we are. Through stories of one blessing encounter after another, their book speaks of a yearning that cries out from all of us, the longing to live well with one another in the midst of a divided world.

Designed especially to be used in a group setting, each chapter addresses such themes as family, blessing, Jesus, love, church, Sunday dinners, death, resurrection, and Siri. Chapters conclude with questions and a challenge to encourage and guide you in joining with others in creating family, one blessing at a time.

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