A new novel by David Wilson-Burns

David Wilson-Burns, author of Whiff and My Wife Says I’m Complicated, offers his gritty and emotionally potent debut novel, Bay City Runaway, a story of two runaways finding each other in their escape from abuse and tragedy.
James, a thirty-something software wiz with a drinking problem, runs away to San Francisco to escape a tragedy in his home state of Oklahoma. In front of his favorite pub one night, a teenage girl with a nasty bruise on her face asks for a cigarette. He sees her several more times and gives her food and smokes. She appears to be living on the street, running away from abuse. Late one night, the frantic teen, Amy, shows up at his China Town apartment. Having nowhere else to go, she seeks shelter and protection from her abuser, who could show up at any time. They form an unlikely and complicated friendship. read more

also available on https://www.royalroad.com/

A new book from David Wilson-Burns!

Stories and Essays from a bipoloar, alcoholic, blogaholic, nostalgiaholic, caffeinated, hyhenated, musical, technical, liberal Christian.

Based on his blog “My Wife Says I’m Complicated,” writer David Wilson-Burns, author of “Whiff: A Novella”, attempts utter transparency in a series of personal essays and stories written from the point of his sobriety in the summer of 2015 to a place of greater healing in the fall of 2017. read more